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Oh, so that's what it is!

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

The theme that appears on a shot from most my trips - a couple.

Or even a couple of couples, like this idyllic scene from Wales a few years ago.

This reminds me of the stats I read from a blog of a dating website - never what you expect to hear, but never really suprising - the things that bond people together are as special as they are trivial, as noticeable as they are hidden. The person who likes making spread sheets out of human nature, the president of OK Cupid, says: "Often the deeper you go with it, or the more time you spend with these things, the more you see folk wisdom, or the shit everybody knows, confirmed with numbers.” Are you surprised that:

About 75% of long term couples answer the same to the questions “Do you like scary movies?” and “Have you ever travelled alone to another country?" So maybe scrap all other things you were thinking to ask anyone on a first date.

Poeple who like the taste of beer are more likely to have sex on the first date.

OK Cupid used to have two separate scales for looks and personality to rate someone's profile. After they looked at the data and discovered people rate others' personality and looks pretty much with the exact same number of stars, they just merged the two scales in one generic profile rating.

If you tell people they have a higher percentage of personality match than their tests actually suggest, they are likely to message each other more (I know! A risky step - to manipulate the accuracy of the information you give people... all misrepresented information has been communicated to people afterwards, so they say).

I don't know about you, but after reading those, the rules or chances that lead to anyone stumbling upon their (statistically) signifficant other, are... as obvious as they were before... I meant - as mysterious as they were before...

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