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...and I forgot the balsamic vinegar.

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

My friend's Italian mother makes the best sundried tomatoes. After thorough approval and admiration I got her recipe as a birthday present. Just look at this...

It's totally worth the effort to get to that point. To start with, it's a quite hard to find fresh ingredients of good quality. Good news is that you can't really choose wrong ingredients for this but I think you should always start with a fresh herb as a minimum.

Don't fill more jars than you can finish quickly unless you know how to sterilise and preserve them for months.

It's important to soak the tomatoes in hot water a little bit, but not too long. This is where you can put that small white wine to use.

Add everything you'd like it to taste of.

And always tell people you prepared less than you actually have. Once they've tried it, you'll have to share it with everyone.


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