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The Zoo

As with many things that have become a long-term reality in my life, this project started acidentally.

On a lazy weekend I was overcome by the desire to paint something light-heartedly creative and silly. A housemate of mine  happened to be around so I tried to explain it to her. "Something very silly without any specific concept behind it... like a monkey with sunglasses." She offered enthusiastic encouragement.


Some time later, the monkey was rocking his sunglasses, propped on display on our non-funcitoning fireplace. Everyone seemed to agree the monkey looked a bit like Harry... they were not wrong. Since I'd unwittingly painted Harry and had a great time doing it, it only made sense to keep going - so I painted his girlfriend (now wife) Ali.

The zoo has kept growing ever since.


Silly on the outside.


Smart on the inside.



Tall and banging to the groove. Beyoncé often heard from her headphones.

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Beautiful. Ridiculous.


A patient hunter. A good cook.


An explorer.

Curious and open-minded;

but also practical and well prepared.


Colourful appreciator of life, nature and hats.


This book lover can often be spotted squinting in photos.


A photographer with a good eye for scenery and a slight intolerance to heat.

Kell and Steve

That's just the way they roll.

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